Climate Science Sessions at GTC Highlight How Digital Twins Powered by HPC and AI Can Help Earth

The global AI conference will feature nearly 20 talks that demonstrate how high performance computing and AI can help predict Earth’s future.
by Angie Lee

With the past seven years having been the warmest on record, it’s more important than ever to better predict Earth’s future and develop solutions for mitigation and adaptation.

At NVIDIA GTC, the brightest leaders, researchers and developers in climate science, high performance computing and AI will showcase how their work helps to address changes to our climate.

The virtual conference, taking place March 21-24, also features experts from many other industries being transformed by AI, including healthcare, autonomous driving and graphics.

Nearly 20 GTC sessions will highlight how HPC, AI and digital twins can help Earth — simulating its complex climate, extreme weather conditions and more.

Supercomputing can even be used to predict and mitigate climate-related disasters — with a digital twin of Earth that’s being built in NVIDIA Omniverse, a 3D simulation and collaboration platform.

Here’s a sampling of climate science sessions at GTC:

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