Get Embedded Online: Deep Insights on AI at the Edge, Autonomous Machines, Robotics and More During GTC Digital

by David Pinto

The GTC Digital conference is now live, featuring hours of free online content for developers to learn the latest advances in AI at the edge, robotics, deep learning, autonomous machines, healthcare applications and more.

It’s all the great content, training and access to experts from the GPU Technology Conference — now available for free from the comfort of your home.

Learn from Experts 

Experts and developers will share their latest work at GTC Digital, providing key insights on how to deploy robotics and embedded applications from prototyping to production. Here’s a sampling of upcoming webinars and sessions — also found in our embedded and robotics GTC session scheduler — to get your watch list started today.


Amit Goel, senior product manager at NVIDIA, will explain how to deploy AI at the edge for robotics, video analytics, medical instruments, industrial automation, retail applications and more. Learn how the unique hardware capabilities and unified software stack of the NVIDIA Jetson platform enable a seamless path from development to deployment, with a breadth of partners to accelerate time to market.

John Welsh, developer technology engineer at NVIDIA, will explore techniques to develop real-time neural networks for edge applications, covering workflows for profiling and optimizing neural networks designed using PyTorch and TensorFlow. For those familiar with deep learning, but unfamiliar with NVIDIA tools for optimization and deployment, this session is for you.

John Hsu, system design engineer at NVIDIA, will outline how to design with the Jetson Nano platform. Topics include everything from feature selection to design trade-offs to electrical, mechanical and thermal considerations. Get an in-depth understanding about the creation of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit and additional design resources.

Loc Lu and Hammad Mazhar, lead engineers at NVIDIA, will demonstrate Isaac Sim 2020, the latest version of NVIDIA’s simulator for robotics based on the Omniverse Kit. Topics will include program set-up and preview release with deployment on AWS or workstation. The session will cover editor, simulation features and systems (Python scripting, RTX graphics, universal scene description, PhysX, MDL materials, cameras, and lights); Leonardo manipulation example (tasks, motion policies, state machine); and future roadmap.

After signing up for these webinars, you’ll receive a confirmation email from NVIDIA’s live webinar platform, On24. Another reminder email will be sent one hour prior to the start of the webinar with a link to join.

Partner-Led Sessions

Watch these recorded sessions on demand. New sessions will be released every Thursday, so if one you want isn’t yet online, sign up for GTC Digital to be alerted when it becomes available.

  • AiFi: Building an Autonomous Store Platform for Everyone [S21905]
  • BMW: Leveraging NVIDIA’s Technology for the Ultimate Industrial Autonomous Transport Robot [S21182]
  • Microsoft: Productionizing GPU-Accelerated IoT Workloads at the Edge [S21118]
  • MiR: AI in Autonomous Mobile Robots [S21918]
  • RidgeRun: How to Build a Multi-Camera Media Server for AI Processing on Jetson [S22396]
  • Signatrix: Improving Asset Protection Using Embedded Deep Learning at Scale in Supermarkets [S21792]
  • Wistron: Smart Factory: How AI Enables Smart Manufacturing [S22110]

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