Le Mans of Silicon Valley: Running Around the Clock, GTC to Feature Top Autonomous Vehicle Experts

Experience the latest in AV and other AI-powered industries this October.
by Katie Burke

Strap in, because this fall you can access the greatest minds in autonomous driving from around the world at any hour, from anywhere.

GTC returns Oct. 5, running 24 hours a day through Oct. 9 to deliver the best in AI sessions, training and more from the foremost experts. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang will kick off the conference with a keynote video highlighting the latest innovations in GPU computing.

With digital networking events and live sessions, GTC provides the unique opportunity to interact with researchers, engineers, developers and technologists in the autonomous vehicle space, as well as healthcare, robotics, graphics and numerous other industries.

Here’s a sneak peek at the automotive offerings at this year’s event.

End-to-End Experts

Global automakers, suppliers, startups and researchers will present their most recent work in live and recorded sessions. These talks will cover every step of the autonomous vehicle development process, from training, to testing and validation, to deployment at scale.

  • Alexander Amini, a doctoral candidate at MIT, details a new end-to-end learning strategy for training self-driving neural networks, from perception to control.
  • Vijitha Chekuri, business strategy director at Microsoft, discusses how hyperscale cloud and cutting-edge compute can be used for comprehensive autonomous vehicle simulation, training and validation.
  • Chuck Price, chief product officer at TuSimple, outlines the future deployment of autonomous trucks, including capabilities, market expectations and the unique challenges in developing a self-driving commercial vehicle.
  • Neda Cvijetic, senior manager of autonomous vehicles at NVIDIA, applies an engineering focus to widely acknowledged autonomous vehicle challenges, and explains how NVIDIA is tackling them.
  • Karl Greb, safety engineering director at NVIDIA, describes the key elements of the processes, methodologies and technologies behind the safe and robust NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

Round-the-Clock Training

In addition to the virtual keynote and sessions, GTC will offer hands-on deep learning training across a variety of time zones.

Hosted by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, these courses will provide a foundation for developing AI applications, including autonomous driving. Topics include the fundamentals of deep learning, natural language processing and deep learning for multiple GPUs.

Register today for GTC Early Bird pricing, available for just $49 through Friday, Sept. 25. DLI training — which includes competency certification for many sessions — can be added to a Digital Conference Pass for just $99 per session.