HP’s Jared Dame on How AI, Data Science Driving Demand for Powerful New Workstations

by Lauren Finkle

Smart phones, smart devices, the cloud — if it seems like AI is everywhere, that’s because it is.

That makes more essential than ever the powerful workstations able to crunch the ever growing quantities of data on which modern AI is built.

Jared Dame, HP’s director of business development and strategy for AI, data science and edge technologies, spoke to AI Podcast host Noah Kravitz about the role HP’s workstations play in cutting-edge AI and data science.

In the AI pipeline, Dame explained, workstations can do just about everything — from training to inference. The biggest demand for workstations is now coming from biopharmaceutical companies, the oil and gas industry and the federal government.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Z by HP workstations feature hundreds of thousands of sensors that predict problems within a machine up to a month in advance, so customers don’t experience a loss of data or time.
  • The newest Z Book Studio, equipped with NVIDIA Quadro graphics, will be launching this fall.


“Z by HP is selling literally everywhere. Every vertical market does data science, every vertical market is adopting various types of AI.” — Jared Dame [5:47]

“We’re drinking our own Kool Aid — we use our own machines. And we’re using the latest and greatest technologies from CUDA TensorFlow to traditional programming languages.” — Jared Dame [18:36]

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