NVIDIA Inception Introduces New and Updated Benefits for Startup Members to Accelerate Computing

Program surpasses 10,000 members with a swell of startups in AI, data science, Omniverse, climate science and more.
by Serge Lemonde

This week at GTC, we’re celebrating – celebrating the amazing and impactful work that developers and startups are doing around the world.

Nowhere is that more apparent than among the members of our global NVIDIA Inception program, designed to nurture cutting-edge startups who are revolutionizing industries. The program is free for startups of all sizes and stages of growth, offering go-to-market support, expertise and technology.

Inception members are doing amazing things on NVIDIA platforms across a multitude of areas, from digital twins and climate science, to healthcare and robotics. Now with over 10,000 members in 110 countries, Inception is a true reflection of the global startup ecosystem.

And we’re continuing momentum by offering new benefits to help startups accelerate even more.

Expanded Benefits

Inception members are now eligible for discounts across the NVIDIA Enterprise Software Suite, including NVIDIA AI Enterprise (NVAIE), Omniverse Enterprise and Riva Enterprise. NVAIE is a cloud-native software suite that is optimized, certified and supported by NVIDIA to streamline AI development and deployment. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise positions startups to build high-quality 3D tools or to simplify and accelerate complex 3D workflows. NVIDIA Riva Enterprise helps easily develop real-time applications like virtual assistants, transcription services and chatbots.

These discounts provide Inception members greater access to NVIDIA software tools to build computing applications in alignment with their own solutions.

Another new benefit for Inception members is access to special leasing for NVIDIA DGX systems. Available now for members in the U.S., this offers an enhanced opportunity for startups to leverage DGX to deliver leading solutions for enterprise AI infrastructure at scale.

Inception members continue to receive credits and exclusive discounts for technical self-paced courses and instructor-led workshops through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. Upcoming DLI workshops include “Building Conversational AI Applications” and “Applications of AI for Predictive Maintenance” and courses include “Building Real-TIme Video AI Applications” and “Deploying a Model for Inference at Production Scale.”

A Growing Ecosystem

NVIDIA Inception is home for startups to do all types of interesting work, and welcomes developers in every field, area and industry.

Within the program, healthcare is a leading field, with over 1,600 healthcare startups. This is followed closely by over 1,500 IT services startups, more than 825 media and entertainment (M&E) startups and upwards of 800 video analytics startups. More than 660 robotics startups are members of Inception, paving the next wave of AI, through digital and physical robots.

An indicator of Inception’s growing popularity is the increase in startups who are doing work in emerging areas, such as NVIDIA Omniverse, a development platform for 3D design collaboration and real-time, physically accurate simulation, as well as climate sciences and more. Several Inception startups are already developing on the Omniverse platform.

Inception member Charisma is leveraging Omniverse to build digital humans for virtual worlds, games and education. The company enters interactive dialogue into the Omniverse Audio2Face app, tapping into NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs in the cloud.

Another Inception member, RIOS, helps enterprises automate factories, warehouses and supply chain operations by deploying AI-powered end-to-end robotic workcells. The company is harnessing Isaac Sim on Omniverse, which it also uses for customer deployments.

And RADiCAL is developing computer vision technology focused on detecting and reconstructing 3D human motion from 2D content. The startup is already developing on Omniverse to accelerate its work.

In the field of climate science, many Inception members are also doing revolutionary work to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Inception member TrueOcean is running NVIDIA DGX A100 systems to develop AI algorithms for predicting quantification of carbon dioxide capture within seagrass meadows as well as for understanding subsea geology. Seagrass meadows can absorb and store carbon in the oxygen-depleted seabed, where it decomposes much slower than on land.

In alignment with NVIDIA’s own plans to build the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer for predicting climate change, Inception member Blackshark provides a semantic, photorealistic 3D digital twin of Earth as a plugin for Unreal Engine, relying on Omniverse as one its platforms for building large virtual geographic environments.

If you’re a startup doing disruptive and exciting development, join NVIDIA Inception today.

Check out GTC sessions on Omniverse and climate change from NVIDIA Inception members. Registration is free. And watch NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote address, which features a new I AM AI video with Inception members HeartDub and PRENAV.