Accelerated Portfolios: NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance Connects Top Investors with Leading AI Startups

NVIDIA’s new initiative increases the world’s most promising AI startups’ access to venture capital.
by Mathew Torgow

To better connect venture capitalists with NVIDIA and promising AI startups, we’ve introduced the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance. This initiative, which VCs can apply to now, aims to fast-track the growth for thousands of AI startups around the globe by serving as a critical nexus between the two communities.

AI adoption is growing across industries and startup funding has, of course, been booming. Investment in AI companies increased 52 percent last year to $52.1 billion, according to PitchBook.

A thriving AI ecosystem depends on both VCs and startups. The alliance aims to help investment firms identify and support leading AI startups early as part of their effort to realize meaningful returns down the line.

Introduced at GTC’s AI Day for VCs 

The alliance was unveiled this week by Jeff Herbst, vice president of business development and head of Inception at NVIDIA, speaking at the AI Day for VCs at GTC, NVIDIA’s annual tech conference.

“Being at the forefront of AI and data science puts NVIDIA Inception in a position to help educate and nurture both VCs and startups, which is why we’ve launched the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance,” Herbst said. “By creating opportunities for our VC partners to connect with our Inception members, we strive to help advance the businesses of both. The reality is that startups need VCs and VCs need startups and we want to help be a part of that.”

Herbst said that founding members of the alliance include venture firms NEA, Acrew, Mayfield, Madrona Venture Group, In-Q-Tel, Pitango, Vanedge Capital and Our Crowd.

“AI startups are at the forefront of innovation and the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance will bring them even closer access to the leading venture capital firms investing in AI,” said Greg Papadopoulos, venture partner at NEA. “Exposure to world-class capabilities from VC partners creates a fast-track for AI startups to accelerate their business in a way that benefits their stakeholders, customers and investors.”

Watch a recap of the announcement during the GTC session, “NVIDIA Inception and the Venture Capital Ecosystem – Supporting the Next Generation of AI Startups.”

Tapping Into NVIDIA’s Vast Startup Ecosystem

The NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance is part of the NVIDIA Inception program, an acceleration platform for over 7,500 startups working in AI, data science and HPC, representing every major industry and located in more than 90 countries.

Among its benefits, the alliance offers VCs exclusive access to high-profile events, visibility into top startups actively raising funds, and access to growth resources for portfolio companies.

VC alliance members can further nurture their portfolios by having their startups join NVIDIA Inception, which offers go-to-market support, infrastructure discounts and credits, AI training through NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute, and technology assistance.

Interested VCs are invited to join the NVIDIA Inception VC Alliance by applying here.