NVIDIA and NetApp Team to Help Businesses Accelerate AI

by Jim McHugh

For all the focus these days on AI, it’s largely just the world’s largest hyperscalers that have the chops to roll out predictable, scalable deep learning across their organizations.

Their vast budgets and in-house expertise have been required to design systems with the right balance of compute, storage and networking to deliver powerful AI services across a broad base of users.

NetApp ONTAP AI, powered by NVIDIA DGX and NetApp all-flash storage is a blueprint for enterprises wanting to do the same. It helps organizations, both large and small, transform deep learning ambitions into reality. It offers an easy-to-deploy, modular approach for implementing — and scaling — deep learning across their infrastructures. Deployment times get shrunk from months to days.

We’ve worked with NetApp to distill hard-won design insights and best practices into a replicable formula for rolling out an optimal architecture for AI and deep learning. It’s a formula that eliminates the guesswork of designing infrastructure, providing an optimal configuration of GPU computing, storage and networking.

ONTAP AI is backed by a growing roster of trusted NVIDIA and NetApp partners that can help a business get its deep learning infrastructure up and running quickly and cost effectively. And these partners have the AI expertise and enterprise-grade support needed to keep it humming.

This support can extend into a simplified, day-to-day operational experience that will help ensure the ongoing productivity of an enterprise’s deep learning efforts.

For businesses looking to accelerate and simplify their journey into the AI revolution, ONTAP AI is a great way to get there.

Learn more at https://www.netapp.com/us/products/ontap-ai.aspx.