IDC White Paper: NVIDIA vGPU Brings Accelerated Performance, Enhanced VDI Experience to Businesses

Measuring business impact of NVIDIA vGPU solutions, report shows 36 percent improved app performance and 49 percent decrease in cost of operations.
by Anne Hecht

As enterprise workloads become increasingly graphics intensive and as employees demand greater mobility, businesses are turning to virtualization solutions like NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) technology to keep up.

In a recent white paper, sponsored by NVIDIA, IDC highlighted the benefits of using NVIDIA virtualization solutions like NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) and NVIDIA GRID (GRID vPC).

Based on extensive interviews of 10 NVIDIA customers from seven industries, IDC found NVIDIA vGPU delivers benefits like improved graphics capabilities, increased employee productivity and a decrease in total cost of operations.

Customers also shared data so IDC could measure the business impact of adding NVIDIA vGPU for their virtual client computing environments. The analyst firm found that Quadro vDWS boosts performance for graphics-heavy workloads, while NVIDIA GRID vPC allows users to expand the number of apps on their virtual desktops.

NVIDIA Boosts VDI Experience for All Users

One customer interviewed by IDC said they looked at two different vendors for their VDI platform, but there was no competition to what NVIDIA could do. NVIDIA enables companies to use VDI the way they need to, while gaining full advantage of their virtual infrastructure.

NVIDIA vGPU products provide graphics-rich virtual desktops and workstations accelerated by GPUs. Based on IDC’s report, businesses that adopted NVIDIA vGPU saw a 36 percent increase in application performance.

Enterprises also experienced 13 percent higher productivity of virtual desktop users. Whether working remotely or at a client’s site, employees can easily access graphics-heavy apps and workloads with a high-quality experience.

IDC also reports a 49 percent decrease in total cost of operations. NVIDIA vGPU allows companies to optimize costs involved in providing virtual machines to users around the world, with the ability to change configurations on the fly. And with proactive management, businesses can reduce the number of IT tickets and incidences of unplanned downtime.

Other key highlights from the report include:

  • 23 percent faster full-time employee onboarding
  • 23 percent improved customer satisfaction
  • 22 percent faster time to market
  • 20 percent decrease in project delays

As more companies move away from legacy CPU-based VDI environments, NVIDIA offers an accelerated virtual graphics experience to help businesses keep pace with the digital workplace.  The latest IDC research makes it clear that investment in NVIDIA vGPU products is well worth it.

Read the full IDC white paper to learn more about the benefits of NVIDIA vGPU solutions.