Autodesk 3ds Max Connector Now Available on NVIDIA Omniverse

by Frank DeLise

To take 3D graphics to the max, check out the new Autodesk 3ds Max Connector now available on NVIDIA Omniverse.

Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the leading software applications for 3D modeling, animation, rendering and visualization in media and entertainment, game development and architectural visualization. Some of the biggest blockbuster games and Hollywood films have used 3ds Max as the foundation of visual effects.

A plugin allows professionals to use this powerful tool inside Omniverse and enhance their workflows and pipelines by seamlessly integrating with a multitude of other popular content creation applications.

The Omniverse platform, now in open beta, enables creators, engineers, artists and designers to virtually collaborate and work between a range of industry software applications. Teams can open, edit and sync with any application through Omniverse Connectors, plugins to third-party content creation applications.

The Omniverse 3ds Max Connector delivers a robust toolkit for live-syncing and sending model data to Omniverse Nucleus, a module that enables teams to collaborate from any location.
Professionals can use the Connector to design complex models and render immense scenes in 3ds Max while leveraging the multi-GPU scalability of Omniverse RTX Renderer. And with applications such as Omniverse View for architects and Omniverse Create for designers, users can interactively design photorealistic images and scenes in 3ds Max in real time.

Explore Omniverse with Various 3D Models and Assets

Professionals can access their favorite apps through Omniverse Connectors and start creating designs by exporting assets, or using models and scenes available in the platform.

TurboSquid, the 3D industry leader recently acquired by Shutterstock, hosts a key marketplace of over a million 3D models that enables unified 3D workflows. For the recent Omniverse open beta launch, TurboSquid announced a marketplace of thousands of USD-based models that are ready to use with NVIDIA Omniverse.

“We love anything that makes 3D more accessible to everyone,” said Matt Wisdom, vice president of 3D Strategy for Shutterstock. “The possibilities of standardization developing around USD formats are really exciting to see and Omniverse is a great step in that direction.”

Evermotion, one of the largest computer graphics resource and 3D education sites, is also providing models and architectural scenes that can be accessed in Omniverse. With the 3ds Max Connector with V-Ray export, users can take assets from Evermotion’s vast library and export them to Omniverse with USD and MDL materials.

“We are glad to share one of our architectural visualization scenes with users of NVIDIA Omniverse and we are sure that this tool will be helpful to streamline the complicated process of creating high-quality 3D content,” said Michal Franczak, editor at Evermotion.

NVIDIA Omniverse now has Autodesk Maya, Revit and 3ds Max Connectors, with MotionBuilder coming soon.

Learn more about Omniverse and download the open beta today.