Marbles RTX Playable Sample Now Available in NVIDIA Omniverse

Download and discover the iconic RTX demo, and explore real-time physics, dynamic lights and rich, physically based materials in the virtual collaboration platform.
by Peter Shipkov

Here’s a chance to become a marvel at marbles: the Marbles RTX playable sample is now available from the NVIDIA Omniverse launcher.

Marbles RTX is a physics-based mini-game level where a player controls a marble around a scene full of obstacles. The sample, which already has over 8,000 downloads, displays real-time physics with dynamic lighting and stunning, physically based materials.

The technology demo showcases NVIDIA Omniverse’s powerful suite of graphics, AI and simulation technologies. GeForce RTX gaming and NVIDIA RTX enthusiasts can download Marbles RTX and experience Omniverse’s advanced capabilities in real-time ray- and path-traced rendering, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and complex physics simulation.

First previewed at GTC 2020, the Marbles RTX tech demo simulates the dynamic world in real time, without any precomputation or baking. It highlights NVIDIA’s advanced rendering and physics with exceptionally high-quality 3D content created from scratch.

The final Marbles RTX tech demo completed in Omniverse resulted in over 500GB of texture data, 165 unique assets that were modeled and textured by hand, more than 5,000 meshes and about 100 million polygons.

During the GeForce RTX 30 Series launch event in September, NVIDIA unveiled a more challenging take on the demo with the release of Marbles at Night RTX. This presented a night scene that contained hundreds of dynamic, animated lights. Based on NVIDIA Research, Marbles at Night RTX showcased how the power and beauty of RTX-enabled real-time ray tracing allows artists to render dynamic direct lighting and shadows from millions of area lights in real time.

The combination of physically based MDL materials and real-time, referenced path tracing in Omniverse brings high-quality details to the Marbles scene, enabling players to feel like they’re looking at real-world objects. The Omniverse RTX Renderer calculates reflections, refraction and global illumination accurately while the denoiser easily manages all the complex geometry across the entire scene.

NVIDIA PhysX 5 and Flow simulate the interaction of rigid-body objects and fluids in the scene in real time, and NVIDIA DLSS enhances the details in the image with powerful AI, allowing users to focus GPU resources on accuracy and fidelity. All these elements combined provide a unique look and feel in CGI that users typically can’t get from real-time games.

At GTC 2021, the artists behind Marbles RTX hosted an exclusive deep dive session detailing the creative and development process. Learn more about the Making of Marbles by watching the GTC session on demand, which is available now and free to access.

Download NVIDIA Omniverse and try the Marbles RTX playable sample today.

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