New NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver Enhances Graphics Workflows With Support for Latest RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU

Latest release delivers speedups in applications, new display features and access to new capabilities made possible by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture.
by Daniel Lee

Whether for creating digital content, designing products or analyzing data, professional workflows are becoming more complex, interactive and collaborative. Professionals are using powerful NVIDIA RTX GPUs to tackle these workflows — and with NVIDIA RTX Enterprise drivers, regular updates optimize and increase the performance of these GPUs.

Available now, NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Release 525 (R525) provides support for the RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU, NVIDIA’s most powerful workstation GPU yet.

Workstation professionals can also take advantage of new features in NVIDIA MOSAIC technology to enhance multi-display deployments, and further customize their workspaces with new capabilities in NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager.

Latest Features and Enhancements

The R525 driver provides support for NVIDIA RTX 6000, enabling professionals to accomplish the most challenging and demanding projects as rapidly as possible. Based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the card features third-generation RT Cores, fourth-generation Tensor Cores and next-gen CUDA cores with 48GB of graphics memory for powerful rendering, AI, graphics and compute performance.

With support for RTX 6000, the R525 driver provides performance increases over the previous R515 driver, including up to 9% gains in applications such as Adobe Media Encoder, Keyshot Viewer and SOLIDWORKS Visualize. 1

R525 expands features of NVIDIA MOSAIC, the advanced multi-display technology for spanning desktops across screens. The driver enhances support for mixed displays that are running on custom compositors — such as specialized displays — as well as the standard Windows system compositor.

With this new capability, workstation professionals can use either a single GPU or multiple ones to scale out displays over a single desktop, which helps simplify application deployment and delivers a more aesthetic viewing experience.

Additionally, developers can take advantage of new Vulkan extensions, including access to new capabilities made possible by the Ada Lovelace architecture, such as deep learning frame generation with the Optical Flow Accelerator.

The NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager, included with the R525 driver for Windows, allows users to manage single or multi-display workspaces with ease, providing maximum flexibility and control over display real estate and desktops.


RTX Desktop Manager delivers new features in its latest update, including:

  • A quick-access button that lets professionals easily access the features they often use, such as sending a window to different displays or resizing a window to a grid.
  • A toggle feature that allows users to switch between viewing grid sizes.

Learn more about the newest release of the NVIDIA Enterprise Driver.

1. Results were obtained from SOLIDWORKS Visualize, Keyshot, and Adobe AME benchmark applications performed on a test system comprised of a 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K processor with 32GB (2x16GB) RAM running Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise.  Testing was conducted with NVIDIA RTX A4000, A5500, and A6000 GPUs using the NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver, versions 526.67 and 516.59.