Transportation Generation: See How AI and the Metaverse Are Shaping the Automotive Industry at GTC

Innovations in generative AI, simulation, accelerated computing and more are advancing safer, more efficient mobility.
by Danny Shapiro

Novel AI technologies are generating images, stories and, now, new ways to imagine the automotive future.

At NVIDIA GTC, a global conference for the era of AI and the metaverse running online March 20-23, industry luminaries working on these breakthroughs will come together and share their visions to transform transportation.

This year’s slate of in-depth sessions includes leaders from automotive, robotics, healthcare and other industries, as well as trailblazing AI researchers.

Headlining GTC is NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who will present the latest in AI and NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for creating and operating metaverse applications, in a keynote address on Tuesday, March 21, at 8 a.m. PT.

Conference attendees will have plenty of opportunities to network and learn from NVIDIA and industry experts about the technologies powering the next generation of automotive.

Here’s what to expect from auto sessions at GTC:

End-to-End Innovation

The entire automotive industry is being transformed by AI and metaverse technologies, whether they’re used for design and engineering, manufacturing, autonomous driving or the customer experience.

Speakers from these areas will share how they’re using the latest innovations to supercharge development:

  • Sacha Vražić, director of autonomous driving R&D at Rimac Technology, discusses how the supercar maker is using AI to teach any driver how to race like a professional on the track.
  • Toru Saito, deputy chief of Subaru Lab at Subaru Corporation, walks through how the automaker is improving camera perception with AI, using large-dataset training on GPUs and in the cloud.
  • Tom Xie, vice president at ZEEKR, explains how the electric vehicle company is rethinking the electronic architecture in EVs to develop a software-defined lineup that is continuously upgradeable.
  • Liz Metcalfe-Williams, senior data scientist, and Otto Fitzke, machine learning engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, cover key learnings from the premium automaker’s research into natural language processing to improve knowledge and systems, and to accelerate the development of high-quality, validated, cutting-edge products.
  • Marco Pavone, director of autonomous vehicle research; Sanja Fidler, vice president of AI research; and Sarah Tariq, vice president of autonomous vehicle software at NVIDIA, show how generative AI and novel, highly integrated system architectures will radically change how AVs are designed and developed.

Develop Your Drive

In addition to sessions from industry leaders, GTC attendees can access talks on the latest NVIDIA DRIVE technologies led by in-house experts.

NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Days consist of a series of deep-dive sessions on building safe and robust autonomous vehicles. Led by the NVIDIA engineering team, these talks will highlight the newest DRIVE features and how to apply them.

Topics include high-definition mapping, AV simulation, synthetic data generation for testing and validation, enhancing AV safety with in-system testing, and multi-task models for AV perception.

Access these virtual sessions and more by registering free to attend and see the technologies generating the intelligent future of transportation.