Fresh-Faced AI: NVIDIA Avatar Solutions Enhance Customer Service and Virtual Assistants

AT&T and Quantiphi among early users enhancing avatar workflows with NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine.
by Stephanie Rubenstein

Companies across industries are looking to use interactive avatars to enhance digital experiences. But creating them is a complex, time-consuming process requiring state-of-the-art AI models that can see, hear, understand and communicate with end users.

To ease this process, NVIDIA is providing creators and developers with real-time AI solutions through Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), a suite of cloud-native microservices for end-to-end development of interactive avatars. In collaboration with early-access partners, NVIDIA is delivering improvements that will provide users with the tools they need to easily design and deploy various kinds of avatars, from interactive chatbots to intelligent digital humans.

AT&T and Quantiphi are among the first to experience how Omniverse ACE can help increase employee productivity and enhance customer service experiences.

Omniverse ACE users can now seamlessly integrate NVIDIA AI into their applications, including Riva for speech AI, NeMo service for natural language understanding, and Omniverse Audio2Face or Live Portrait for AI-powered 2D and 3D character animation.

With the latest improvements to Omniverse ACE, teams can also deploy advanced avatars across web conferencing and customer service use cases by integrating domain-specific NVIDIA AI workflows like Tokkio and Maxine.

Early Partners and Customers Develop AI-Driven Digital Humans

AT&T is planning to use Omniverse ACE and the Tokkio AI avatar workflow to build, customize and deploy virtual assistants for customer service and its employee help desk. Working with Quantiphi, one of NVIDIA’s service delivery partners, AT&T is developing interactive avatars that can provide 24/7 support in local languages across regions. This is helping the company reduce costs while providing a better experience for its employees worldwide.

In addition to customer service, AT&T is planning to build and develop digital humans for various use cases across the company.

“Quantiphi and NVIDIA have been collaborating to make customer experience more immersive by combining the power of large language models, graphics and recommender systems,” said Siddharth Kotwal, global head of NVIDIA Practice at Quantiphi. “NVIDIA’s Tokkio framework has made it easier to build, deploy and personalize AI-powered digital assistants or avatars for our enterprise customers. The process of seamlessly integrating automatic speech recognition, conversational agents and information retrieval systems with real-time animation has been simplified.”

Leading professional-services company Deloitte is also working with NVIDIA to help enterprises deploy transformative applications. Deloitte’s latest hybrid-cloud offerings — which consist of NVIDIA AI and Omniverse services and platforms, including Omniverse ACE — will be added to the Deloitte Center for AI Computing.

An Advanced, Streamlined Solution for Deploying Avatars

Omniverse ACE provides all the necessary tools so users can streamline the development process for realistic, intelligent avatars. Teams can also customize pre-built AI avatar workflows to suit their needs with applications like NVIDIA Tokkio. Additionally, Omniverse ACE is bringing new improvements to existing microservices.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse ACE and register to join the early-access program, available now for developers.

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