Blender 3.0 Release Accelerated by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, Adds USD Support for Omniverse

by Stanley Tack

‘Tis the season for all content creators, especially 3D artists, this month on NVIDIA Studio.

Blender, the world’s most popular open-source 3D creative application, launched a highly anticipated 3.0 release, delivering extraordinary performance gains powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, with added Universal Scene Description (USD) support for NVIDIA Omniverse.

Faster 3D creative workflows are made possible by a significant upgrade to Isotropix Clarisse’s redesigned renderer Angie, and Cyberlink’s PowerDirector integration with NVIDIA Broadcast technology — all backed by the December Studio Driver, ready for download.

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Blender and RTX Render Better Together

Blender 3.0 marks the beginning of a new era for 3D content creation, with new features including a more responsive viewport, reduced shadow artifacts, an asset library to access owned and borrowed assets quickly, and additional customization options.

Blender Cycles renderer has been completely overhauled, maximizing NVIDIA RTX GPU RT Cores for OptiX ray tracing and Tensor Cores for OptiX AI denoising.


This enables rendering nearly 12x and 15x faster than with a MacBook Pro M1 Max or CPU alone, respectively, with the GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPU.

3D artists can get instant feedback when working in Cycles as the viewport renderer. OptiX support has also been added to model rendering with materials, delivering stunning performance.

Blender 3.0 also adds USD file importing. USD files are the foundation of NVIDIA Omniverse, allowing scenes to be edited by multiple creative applications simultaneously.

The new importer converts USD geometry, lights, cameras, time-sampled animation and preview surface materials to their Blender representations — a massive leap in the Omniverse ecosystem.

Omniverse users can access an alpha build of Blender 3.1, unlocking additional features such as  instancing and added support for USD material exporting, which includes basic NVIDIA Material Definition Language conversions.

To download Omniverse 3.1 alpha, open the launcher and look for the Blender 3.1 build.

Getting started? Check out the Omniverse Showroom app, which gives beginners a look into the foundational technologies of Omniverse, with new content releases over time.

A December (Studio Driver) to Remember

Isotropix Clarisse is a fully interactive computer graphics toolset specialized for set-dressing, look development, lighting and rendering.

The new release, Clarisse 5.5 with Angie, a redesigned renderer, significantly speeds up renders and enables interactive rendering of huge scenes with ray-traced acceleration, exclusively for NVIDIA RTX GPUs.

Clarisse 5.5 with Angie in beta is available for download today.

Cyberlink’s video editing creative app, PowerDirector, has added NVIDIA Broadcast integration and its advanced AI tools, including video denoising to remove grainy noise from video shot in low-light conditions; audio denoising to remove unwanted background noise; and audio dereverb to get rid of room echos.

Now, video and audio enhancements can be done in post-production, adding more flexibility and power to a video editor’s toolbox.

These incredible creator app upgrades — as well as optimizations in Blender 3.0, NVIDIA Omniverse, Isotropix Clarisse, Cyberlink PowerDirector, Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve, BorisFX Sapphire, JangaFX Embergen and more — are all supported by the December Studio Driver (472.84), available for download now.

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