NVIDIA Showcases Diversity of Talent at NeurIPS

by Anima Anandkumar

Thousands of researchers from across the globe will descend next week on NeurIPS, the world’s premier event focused on neural networks.

The 33rd annual Neural Information Processing Systems conference takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dec. 8-12. It’s a hotbed for researchers in academia and industry to share the latest insights into machine learning and AI.

Diversity and inclusion is a major point of focus for the conference this year. As AI is deployed in more applications and ethical considerations become paramount to AI development, inclusion initiatives have become central in ensuring fair representation and accessibility to all sectors of society.

Inclusion is also important to NVIDIA, which is why we’re sponsoring all four diversity workshops at NeurIPS, including Women in Machine Learning, Black in AI, LatinX in AI and Queer in AI. We’ve long been a supporter of Women in Machine Learning, and the three other groups have doubled in size since they got started two years ago.

If you’re attending NeurIPS, meet up with us at any of the Women in Machine Learning, Black in AI, LatinX in AI or Queer in AI workshops.

We plan to continue partnering with these groups as they expand to other important research conferences. This includes ICLR, the International Conference on Learning Representations, which will be held in April in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as it expands its focus to emerging technology areas.

Inclusion is a common thread at NVIDIA. The number of female attendees at our GPU Technology Conference in March doubled compared to two years ago. And we saw an 80 percent increase in female speakers in 2019 compared to the previous year.

At GTC DC in November, we welcomed new developers from the black/African-American and Latinx communities through our partnerships with local universities and organizations that support these communities. More than 20 percent of GTC DC attendees were female.

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Also at NeurIPS, many members of the NVIDIA Inception accelerator program for AI startups are among our partners giving talks, hosting booths or presenting papers. These include: Avira, Benevolent.ai, Doc.AI, Element AI, NextAI, OpenAI, Petuum, Prowler.io, Pryon, Scale AI, SigOpt, Sportlogiq, Vectra, and Weights and Biases.

“At SigOpt, we actively search for and implement best hiring practices to encourage diversity. And at industry events like NeurIPS, we sponsor groups like WiML that are dedicated to this cause,” said Scott Clark, co-founder and CEO of SigOpt. “When we see NVIDIA’s commitment to diversity in their NeurIPS sponsorship, it makes us even prouder to be an Inception partner.”

Researchers and students can learn more about employment opportunities at NVIDIA on our careers website.