A New Lens: Dotlumen CEO Cornel Amariei on Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired

by Kristen Yee

Dotlumen is illuminating a new technology to help people with visual impairments navigate the world.

In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, recorded live at the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference, host Noah Kravitz spoke with the Romanian startup’s founder and CEO, Cornel Amariei, about developing its flagship Dotlumen Glasses.

Equipped with sensors and powered by AI, the glasses compute a safely walkable path for visually impaired individuals and offer haptic — or tactile — feedback on how to proceed via corresponding vibrations. Amariei further discusses the process and challenges of developing assistive technology and its potential for enhancing accessibility.

Dotlumen is a member of the NVIDIA Inception program for cutting-edge startups.

Stay tuned for more episodes recorded live from GTC.

Time Stamps

0:52: Background on the glasses

4:28: User experience of the glasses

7:29: How the glasses sense the physical world and compute a walkable path

18:07: The hardest part of the development process

22:20: Expected release and availability of the glasses

25:57: Dotlumen’s technical breakthrough moments

30:19: Other assistive technologies to look out for

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