Ssssnake News: AI-Powered Guardian S Industrial Robot Slithers into Silicon Valley

Going where humans can’t, or shouldn’t, Sarcos’s Jetson-powered robot draws big crowds while navigating stairs, tunneling through ducts and, yes, climbing straight up a wall.
by Scott Martin

The GPU Technology Conference show floor squirmed with excitement this week, with eyeballs riveted on a demo from Sarcos, maker of a snake-like industrial robot.

The Salt Lake City-based company’s Jetson TX2-powered bot can tunnel into ducts and underground tanks, explore hazmat and SWAT situations, climb walls — and blow minds.

Check out some of its tricks:

Child’s play: The Slinky intrigued a generation of kids by going down stairs. The Sarcos Guardian S can go up them, using its bulldozer-like tracks.

Do the Evel Knievel: Once up the stairs — it’s time for wheelies — and onto the next challenge.

All eyes on me: Slithering across a platform in front of a crowd of awestruck onlookers. The Sarcos robot can right itself if it tips over.

If Inspector Gadget had a self-propelled arm: The Guardian S crawls through ducts, and around their corners, like nobody’s business.

Upsy daisy: If that weren’t enough, the Guardian S climbs walls.