NVIDIA at Microsoft Ignite: Explore the Power of AI, Virtual Worlds and Visualization

Discover breakthroughs in accelerated graphics and AI, from the cloud to the edge, using NVIDIA technology and Microsoft Azure.
by Uttara Kumar

NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure are empowering developers, designers and creators around the globe to push the boundaries of innovation across digital twins, natural language processing with large language models, computer-aided design, cloud gaming, automotive design, augmented- and virtual-reality applications and more.

Learn from NVIDIA and Microsoft experts who’ll share insights and demos on the next evolution of AI, visualization and digital twins in the cloud at the Microsoft Ignite conference, running Oct. 12-14.

Microsoft Azure combines the power of NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA networking in the cloud to offer optimized GPU acceleration — whether with fractional GPUs, single GPUs or multiple GPUs across multiple nodes — to meet the varied computational requirements of visualization, AI and high-performance computing applications.

Additionally, the broad support for NVIDIA accelerated computing within Azure edge and internet-of-things services helps customers extend the power of the cloud to the edge, to meet the real-time, low-latency constraints of edge-native applications.

The latest Azure NVads A10 v5 instances, powered by NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs, bring greater flexibility and up to 2.5x graphics performance over the previous generation — lowering the cost of entry for graphics workloads in the cloud, including for virtual desktops, computer-aided design, rendering and simulation. Using Microsoft Azure GPU-partitioning capabilities built on top of NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation technology, the NVads A10 v5 instances can be flexibly partitioned from a sixth of a whole GPU to two full A10 GPUs.

NVIDIA’s full-stack computing platform available on demand — combined with Microsoft’s global reach, simplified infrastructure management and flexibility to deploy GPU-accelerated workloads cloud to edge — is enabling customers like BMW, Meta, Shell and Van Gogh Museum to accelerate their work from research to production, transforming their businesses. And with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, customers can now access enterprise-grade software, support and training services to take enterprise AI workloads to production faster.

Register free for Microsoft Ignite to dive deeper in these virtual sessions hosted by NVIDIA experts:

  • Ask the Experts: Customize AI Models and Optimize for Real-Time Inference Serving at Scale With NVIDIA AI on Azure Machine Learning​: Simplifying and accelerating AI model development workflows is hugely valuable, whether for an army of data scientists or just a few developers. From adapting a model to fit a use case to optimizing it for production deployment, AI model development is a complex and iterative process. Discover how to easily train and optimize an object detection model with NVIDIA TAO, a low-code AI toolkit, and deploy it for inference using the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server on Azure Machine Learning. This session takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 11 a.m. PT.
  • First Azure GPU Virtualization Offering Brings Performance to Modern Workloads With Lower Entry Cost: Find out how Azure NVads A10 v5 series virtual machines, with support for NVIDIA RTX and GPU virtualization, enables organizations to deploy new workloads in the cloud. Creators, developers and data scientists need more powerful infrastructure to support their work. Digital artists need GPU acceleration to achieve 3D design, rendering and visual effects with photorealistic accuracy. And data scientists need compute power to create AI-enabled services like speech recognition, natural language processing and personalized recommendations — all of this is provided by Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA technology. ​This session takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 2 p.m. PT.
  • Transforming Transportation With the Metaverse and AI on Microsoft Azure: Software-defined vehicles are transforming business models and the customer experience. This fundamental shift is leading companies to redesign the development process, focusing on digital and AI-powered solutions, from design and visualization to manufacturing and the customer experience. Learn how the NVIDIA Omniverse and DRIVE Sim platforms on Azure are providing digital-twin environments to train, test and validate autonomous driving systems, streamline factory design and create immersive experiences. ​This session will be available on demand.
  • Organizing and Analyzing Production Data for Business Impact With Sight Machine and NVIDIA: Sight Machine uses NVIDIA AI to create digital twins for Sight Machine’s manufacturing customers. In this interview with Kurt DeMaagd, chief AI officer and co-founder of Sight Machine, learn how the company adds customer value by organizing and analyzing production data for business impact, helping achieve greater speed to results. This session will be available on demand.

Visit NVIDIA’s Ignite showcase page to explore the latest innovations, learn from NVIDIA experts and partners, and discover how AI is taking on complex tasks in the most challenging environments.