At NetApp INSIGHT 2022, Dive Into NVIDIA DGX BasePOD and NetApp ONTAP AI

Explore the latest on infrastructure solutions, machine learning operations and managed services at NetApp’s conference, running Nov. 1-3.
by Tony Paikeday

As more businesses seek to operationalize AI use cases faster and more cost effectively, IT platforms are becoming central to that effort.

At this week’s NetApp INSIGHT, a conference on data management and the hybrid multicloud, attendees can explore solutions that let enterprises move beyond prototypes to the deployment of proven models. These solutions can speed return on investment for AI and MLOps.

NVIDIA, a sponsor of NetApp INSIGHT 2022, will share how enterprises can learn to spend more time focusing on their core missions rather than wrestling with infrastructure.

Easy Infrastructure Design and Deployment

Earlier this year, NVIDIA launched DGX BasePOD, an evolution of the DGX POD program and reference architecture. It delivers a new generation of infrastructure solutions for enterprises built on NVIDIA DGX systems with AMD EPYC CPUs, NVIDIA networking and its ecosystem of storage partners like NetApp.

The reference architecture gives businesses a valuable complement to the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD data-center infrastructure platform for AI workflows. As its name suggests, DGX BasePOD is the base on which value-added solutions, including the NetApp ONTAP AI infrastructure stack, are built.

NVIDIA and NetApp have a growing ecosystem of MLOps partners whose technologies layer on top of ONTAP AI to create complete solution stacks. Incorporating MLOps workflow management, these offerings serve as a platform on which IT teams can scale model pipelines and shorten the time to bring AI into production.

Organizations now have two choices for infrastructure design with NetApp and NVIDIA:

  • The turnkey DGX SuperPOD is a physical replica of NVIDIA infrastructure, backed by performance guarantees on specific workloads.
  • NetApp ONTAP AI, based on the DGX BasePOD reference architecture, provides flexibility in key component choices and network architecture by enabling teams to alternatively deploy and work with NVIDIA DGX-certified solution providers to customize environments that suit their needs and scale to their objectives.

Let Experts Run the AI Infrastructure

NVIDIA DGX-Ready Managed Services can help users take the infrastructure pain out of clients’ hands. With this approach, enterprises can realize benefits such as:

  • Filling critical IT skills gaps that the business previously couldn’t afford to invest in, as they distracted from the core mission.
  • Direct access to AI expertise. Many businesses don’t have AI experts who understand the latest innovations in model development and deployment at scale. These are offered from NVIDIA and NetApp teams through DGX-Ready Managed Services.
  • Gaining an experience akin to having an AI Center of Excellence or an AI private cloud — enabled with an economical outsource model for scaling AI development and without the need to wrestle with infrastructure.

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Join NVIDIA at NetApp INSIGHT to learn more about these infrastructure solutions and how to make scaling AI applications faster, easier and more cost effective.