NVIDIA Celebrates Americas Partners Driving AI-Powered Transformation

The NVIDIA Partner Network honors industry leaders with ‘Partner of the Year’ awards, including new ‘Financial Services,’ ‘AI Excellence’ and ‘Enterprise’ categories.
by Craig Weinstein

NVIDIA recognized 14 partners in the Americas for their achievements in transforming businesses with AI, this week at GTC.

The winners of the NVIDIA Partner Network Americas Partner of the Year awards have helped customers across industries advance their operations with the software, systems and services needed to integrate AI into their businesses.

NPN awards categories span a multitude of competencies and industries, including service delivery, data center networking, public sector, healthcare and higher education.

Three new categories were created this year. One recognizes a partner driving AI-powered success in the financial services industry; one celebrates a partner exhibiting overall AI excellence; and another honors a partner’s dedication to advancing NVIDIA’s full-stack portfolio across a multitude of industries.

All awards reflect the spirit of the NPN ecosystem in driving business success through accelerated full-stack computing and software.

“NVIDIA’s work driving innovation in generative AI has helped partners empower their customers with cutting-edge technology — as well reduced costs and fostered growth opportunities while solving intricate business challenges,” said Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst at the Enderle Group. “The recipients of the 2024 NPN awards embody a diverse array of AI expertise, offering rich knowledge to help customers deploy transformative solutions across industries.”

The 2024 NPN award winners for the Americas are:

  • AI Excellence Partner of the Year Lambda received this award for its dedication to providing end-to-end AI solutions featuring NVIDIA accelerated computing and NVIDIA AI Enterprise across NVIDIA DGX and Lambda Cloud.
  • Enterprise Partner of the Year World Wide Technology received this newly introduced award for its leadership, dedication and expertise in advancing the adoption of AI with NVIDIA’s portfolio of purpose-built systems, data center networking, software and accelerated computing solutions across machine learning, digital twins, NVIDIA Omniverse and visualization.
  • Canadian Partner of the Year Converge Technology Solutions is recognized for its dedication and expertise in NVIDIA DGX systems and for its Canadian customer support services, leveraging training courses from NVIDIA, to further industry knowledge of the NVIDIA software stack.
  • Financial Services Partner of the YearCDW received this newly introduced award for its ecosystem partnerships, strategic investments and targeted domain expertise serving financial customers seeking HPC solutions and customer experience solutions such as chatbots and agentless routing.
  • Global Consulting Partner of the Year Deloitte is recognized for the fourth consecutive time for its embrace of generative AI and for leveraging the capabilities of NVIDIA DGX Cloud.
  • Healthcare Partner of the Year Mark III is recognized for the second consecutive year for its utilization for the NVIDIA healthcare portfolio, which supports biopharma research, academic medical centers, research institutions, healthcare systems and life sciences organizations with NVIDIA infrastructure, software and cloud technologies.
  • Higher Education Partner of the Year Cambridge Computer is recognized for the fourth consecutive year for its customer service and technical expertise, bringing NVIDIA AI solutions to the life sciences, education and research sectors.
  • Networking Partner of the Year — Converge Technology Solutions is recognized for its expertise in NVIDIA high-performance networking solutions to support state-of-the-art accelerated computing deployments.
  • Public Sector Partner of the Year Sterling is recognized for its investment and achievements in developing a robust AI practice. This includes assembling a team of dedicated AI software engineers focused on the full-stack NVIDIA platform, establishing Sterling Labs — an AI briefing center near Washington, D.C. — and collaborating with NVIDIA to launch ARC, a 5G/6G platform targeted for next-gen wireless networks.
  • Rising Star Partner of the Year International Computer Concepts is recognized for its growth in developing AI and machine learning solutions for cloud service providers and financial services customers to power machine learning training, real-time inference and other AI workloads.
  • Service Delivery Partner of the Year Quantiphi is recognized for the third consecutive year for its commitment to driving adoption of NVIDIA software and hardware in the enterprise. Its AI Service Delivery team has demonstrated expertise in using LLMs, information retrieval, imaging and data analytics to solve complex business problems in the telecom, life sciences, retail and energy industries for its global customers.
  • Distribution Partner of the Year TD SYNNEX is recognized for demonstrating its commitment to building its AI business on the NVIDIA AI platform, with year-over-year growth that underscores its operational excellence in distribution.
  • Software Partner of the Year Insight is recognized for its leadership in NVIDIA AI Enterprise deployments, establishing cutting-edge innovation labs and certifications that cultivate expertise while seamlessly embedding generative AI into its operations.
  • Solution Integration Partner of the Year EXXACT is recognized for its commitment and expertise in providing end-to-end NVIDIA AI and high performance computing solutions, including NVIDIA software and data center products across multiple industries.

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