NVIDIA’s Women Leaders in Silicon Valley Honored for Achievements by YWCA

by Samantha Zee

Five NVIDIANs are among 43 women being honored by the Silicon Valley YWCA for excelling in their fields, making significant contributions in their executive and professional roles, and for giving back to the community.

The organization’s Tribute to Women awards recognized Renu Bhatia, vice president of business development; Devika Ghaisas, director of system software; Divya Ramakrishnan, director of hardware engineering; and Wendy Xing, senior director of global commodity and contract manufacturer management.

In addition, Sumera Patan, product development engineering manager, was honored with an Emerging Leader award. (Ramakrishnan, Ghaisas, Bhatia, Xing and Patan left to right in main photo)

In the nearly four decades that the YWCA Tribute to Women has been held, more than 1,500 women have been recognized — with 44 from NVIDIA, including this year’s winners. They’ll be honored at an award ceremony on May 11. The YWCA is the largest women’s group working for social and economic change around the world.

Learn More About Our Honorees

Renu Bhatia, Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships
Bhatia leads our business development, sales and partnerships with a major cloud service provider. This includes driving engagements across teams that spearhead engineering, go-to-market strategy, product management and more. Renu collaborates with NVIDIA’s long-term partners and nurtures many of these strategic relationships. She also has a knack for helping turn new markets and opportunities into businesses with billion-dollar revenue.

Devika Ghaisas, Director of System Software
Ghaisas, who has spent more than a dozen years at NVIDIA, has a demanding role, leading a technologically wide-ranging portfolio of software products from IP-driven professional broadcast to AI-based offerings and productivity tools for enterprise users. Focusing on a professional product line of workstation software, her team’s goal is to deliver the best experience on desktops and laptops.

Divya Ramakrishnan, Director of Hardware Engineering
Ramakrishnan manages a global team responsible for transforming chips into cutting-edge systems and products in the diverse markets of gaming, data center, AI, automotive and embedded computing. In the past 14 years, she’s led her team to bring to market more than 15 architectures, 40 chips and six process technology nodes — ranging from 5-40 nanometers — across eight business groups. She managed the performance, power and quality optimizations of these technologies from concept to production.

Wendy Xing, Senior Director of Global Commodity and Contract Manufacturer Management
Xing leads two global strategic-sourcing teams, supporting all product segments for our board, system and server group. Her role spans the commodity and contract manufacturers teams, with a goal to establish and execute commodity strategy, select best-fit suppliers and more to enable products to support the whole ecosystem. She also helps mitigate supply-chain risks to ensure resiliency in delivering products, an especially critical task during the recent global chip shortage.

Sumera Patan, Senior Product Development Engineering Manager
Patan is responsible for bringing next-generation products to market while identifying and improving processes for manufacturing efficiency. During her 14 years at NVIDIA, she’s influenced future silicon design and architectures for enhanced test effectiveness. In addition, she has identified and resolved bottlenecks to ship high-volume chips in the shortest time possible. She uses data analytics to solve complex silicon challenges and ensures customer satisfaction by shipping high-quality products to the market.

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