From Guangzhou to Los Angeles, Automakers Dazzle With AI-Powered Vehicles

At acclaimed auto shows across the world, Lotus unveils NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-powered Emeya Hyper-GT, and ZEEKR debuts the ZEEKR 007; DENZA, Genesis, Lucid, NIO, XPENG and more showcase next-gen EVs built on NVIDIA DRIVE.
by Calisa Cole

Good news for car lovers: Two acclaimed auto shows, taking place now through next week, are delighting attendees with displays of next-generation automotive designs powered by AI.

Hundreds of thousands of auto enthusiasts worldwide are expected to visit Guangzhou, China — known as the city of flowers — to attend its auto show, running through Sunday, Nov. 26. The event will feature new developments in electric vehicles (EVs) and automated driving, with 1,100 vehicles on display.

And across the world, in the city of angels, the Los Angeles Auto Show is expected to reach its highest-ever attendee numbers. Also running through Nov. 26, the show will include classic and exotic cars from private collections, as well as a public test track where attendees can get behind the wheel of the latest EVs.

Auto Guangzhou

Human Horizons, NIO, ZEEKR

One of the most anticipated reveals is from Lotus, which is showcasing its new fully electric Emeya Hyper-GT that launched in September. This stunning luxury vehicle with sports-car agility achieves an impressive suite of intelligent features, powered by dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin processors. The high-performance processing power enables drivers to enjoy the car’s safe and secure driving capabilities and supports future features through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

With an eye on safety, Emeya carries 34 state-of-the-art surround sensors for diverse and redundant sensor data processing in real time — giving drivers added confidence when behind the wheel. With DRIVE Orin embedded in the back of the vehicle, Emeya delivers advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) capabilities and also offers the built-in headroom to support an autonomous future.

Emeya Hyper-GT is built on Lotus’ innovative Electric Premium Architecture, which underpins the Eletre Hyper-SUV as well, also powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

In addition, Lotus is showcasing its full range of Lotus electric vehicles, including the Evija hypercar, Eletre Hyper-SUV and Type 136, its recently launched electric bike. Emira, Lotus’ final internal combustion engine vehicle, is also on display.

Several other NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem members are featuring their next-gen EVs at Auto Guangzhou:

  • DENZA, a joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz, is highlighting the intelligent-driving features of its N7 model lineup. All N7 models can be equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-a-chip. In addition, DENZA is showcasing its next generation of car configurators built on NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, enabling consumers to customize various aspects, such as colors, materials and more.
  • Human Horizons is showcasing the HiPhi Y SUV, which includes a second-generation intelligent door system design, a range of more than 497 miles on a single charge and an autonomous-driving system powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.
  • JI YUE, a Geely Holding and Baidu joint venture, is displaying the ROBOCAR JiYue 01, the first model to offer the premium intelligent driving feature ROBO Drive Max, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.
  • NIO is exhibiting eight models equipped with Banyan, NIO’s Smart Digital System, and Adam, an NVIDIA-powered supercomputer. Adam uses NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to enable advanced automated-driving features and allow continuous OTA upgrades.
  • XPENG is unveiling and commencing pre-sales for its next-generation, super-intelligent, seven-seater MPV, the XPENG X9. The company is also showcasing the XPENG G6, the XPENG P7i and the XPENG G9, all featuring NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.
  • ZEEKR introduces the ZEEKR 007. The electric sedan is ZEEKR’s first sedan and fourth model, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin. The ZEEKR 007 has a sensor suite consisting of one lidar, 12 high-definition cameras and five millimeter-wave radars for advanced smart assist driving functions with multiple redundancy.

In addition, NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem partner, a smart driving solutions provider, is demonstrating its DeepRoute Driver 3.0, designed to offer a non-geofenced solution for automated vehicles.

Los Angeles Auto Show

At the LA Auto Show, Lucid Motors is showcasing its highly anticipated Gravity SUV, which will begin production in late 2024. Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, the luxury SUV features supercar levels of performance and an impressive battery range to mitigate range anxiety.

In addition, Lucid is displaying its Lucid Air sedan, including the Air Pure and Air Touring models. All of these vehicles feature the future-ready DreamDrive Pro driver-assistance system, powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

And Genesis is unveiling the new 2025 GV80 SUV, which features a next-generation infotainment system powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, including audio, video, navigation and connectivity services on an updatable platform with a 27-inch-wide OLED display.

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