See the First Citrix XenMotion Technology for NVIDIA GPU Live Migration at Citrix Summit

by Anne Hecht

Tech preview is in full swing.

A demonstration of the industry’s first NVIDIA vGPU (virtual GPU) Citrix XenMotion technology for live migration is happening at Citrix Summit, next week at the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s among the new advancements we’re bringing with our partners in 2018.

Available starting now as a tech preview to select customers, XenMotion includes the ability to migrate live, NVIDIA GPU-accelerated VMs with no impact to the user. This allows IT to perform critical services like workload leveling, infrastructure resilience and the upgrade of server software, without any VM downtime. This is especially important in today’s 24/7 world, where hourly costs of downtime for enterprises exceeds $300,000 on average, with some industries such as financial services standing to lose $1 million or more, according to ITIC.

Live migration support for GPU-accelerated VMs on Citrix XenMotion coupled with vGPU monitoring in Citrix Director gives IT the insight and flexibility to identify and respond quickly to issues and ensure high availability, ultimately delivering quality user experience.

VMware vSphere also delivers an optimized, GPU-enabled IT environment with NVIDIA vGPU. Administrators have access to insightful data across all phases of virtual workspace lifecycle and, recently, NVIDIA began a tech preview program with select VMware customers to evaluate an upcoming management feature that enables IT admins to suspend running NVIDIA vGPU-powered vSphere virtual desktops and resume them later on compatible infrastructure without end-user interaction, while preserving desktop and application states.

For further inquiries on migration support, fill out this form and an NVIDIA sales representative will get back to you.

Citrix Ready Bundle With NVIDIA and Nutanix AHV Offers a Bundle of Benefits

Citrix, NVIDIA and Nutanix all provide industry-leading solutions across infrastructure, virtualization and graphics. The Citrix Ready Bundle with NVIDIA vGPU and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud brings these complementary technologies together, allowing organizations to cost effectively deploy high-quality virtual desktops within minutes, improving employee productivity and real-time collaboration from any location or connected device.

The Citrix Ready Bundle helps organizations save money on hypervisor costs, eliminate expensive PC hardware and management overhead, simplify infrastructure requirements, and streamline app and desktop delivery infrastructures, making this solution a cost-effective way to deliver the best possible virtual desktop experience across any business organization.

Get more information about Citrix Ready solutions.

NVIDIA Tesla-powered vGPU Solutions on Display at Citrix Summit

Quadro vDWS is the most powerful virtual workstation in the market, while NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (GRID vPC) is specifically designed for modern business applications and knowledge workers. When combined with Tesla GPU accelerators, they offer end-to-end management and monitoring tools for greater vGPU visibility at the host and guest level, with the ability to ensure high availability and a quality user experience.

Visit NVIDIA booth 405 at Citrix Summit and witness the dramatic improvement on application performance and user experience for yourself.