NVIDIA Powers Future of Content and Storytelling at RealTime Conference

RTC showcases how NVIDIA enables new pipelines for content creation, distribution and consumption.
by Rick Champagne

From AI avatars to interactive photorealistic environments, the infinite AI-enhanced possibilities for 3D content are wowing audiences — and the recent RealTime Conference showcased how NVIDIA is at the forefront of it all.

RTC, an annual event that brings together industry experts to present and share insights on the latest real-time technologies, highlighted how professionals are using NVIDIA-powered solutions to accelerate content pipelines and live production in media and entertainment.

Leading studios, broadcasters and streaming services are using the NVIDIA Omniverse platform — for building and collaborating in physically accurate virtual worlds, aka digital twins — and NVIDIA RTX technology to create and deliver high-quality, interactive content to audiences around the world.

Sessions from RTC, which had a “Populating the Metaverse” theme, are now available on demand. Check out the sessions below to discover how studios are using real-time graphics, AI, virtual production and mixed reality to dive into virtual worlds.

Enhanced Pipelines for Real-Time, 3D Character Design

Increasing numbers of interconnected 3D virtual worlds will be populated with shops, homes, people, robots, factories and museums, bringing together an infinite amount of 3D content. And they’ll be built by an ever-expanding number of enterprises, individual creators and even AI agents collaborating across the globe.

NVIDIA Omniverse was made for this challenge. It helps solve the world’s hardest engineering and science problems, and connects people in new ways with interactive content. Professionals will soon be able to create real-time conversational AI avatars using NVIDIA Omniverse.

DRIVE Concierge with Omniverse Avatar.

In the RTC session on NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar, learn how speech AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines and simulation technologies come together to create fun and fully autonomous, interactive virtual assistants.

Alter Ego. Courtesy of Silver Spoon.

Alter Ego is a new singing competition show that features participants performing as digital avatars in real time. Silver Spoon, a leading provider of real-time animation and virtual production, used advanced performance capture technology and augmented reality tools to bring the show to life.

Watch Silver Spoon’s RTC session to see how it transformed initial character sketches into fully functional, real-time-ready 3D avatars.

Bring Immersive and Virtual Realities to Life in Broadcast

In RTC 2021’s Broadcast track, professionals used NVIDIA technologies to create interactive visuals and stunning virtual productions, providing memorable immersive experiences for viewers.

Courtesy of The Weather Channel.

Experience how a visual experiences platform, “disguise,” captivates audiences by incorporating AR into live shows in the disguise Technologies RTC session.

In its “Immersive Mixed Reality” session, see how The Weather Channel adapted a virtual set and Emmy-award winning immersive, mixed reality features to better inform and prepare viewers who face adverse weather conditions.

And learn what virtual worlds mean for the future of broadcast — a panel that features studios Silver Spoon, VRT and RAI shared how the industry’s technologies and infrastructure are evolving, and how professionals can take advantage of this next chapter in entertainment.

Raise the Bar on Content Creation and Production

The latest tools, techniques and standards in graphics and virtual production are empowering artists on the journey from 3D to virtual worlds.

Learn how companies like Pixar Animation Studios and IKEA are using open standards to drive innovation and lay the foundation for building virtual worlds in the “Empowering Artists by Using Standards” session.

In a Dell Technologies special event, see how virtual production workflows are becoming more accessible and streamlined, enabling creative professionals at any level to use virtual filmmaking techniques at a fraction of the cost of a large production studio.

Plus, in a Z by HP and NVIDIA special event, learn how remote creators, designers and engineers can collaborate on interactive, graphics-intensive applications with teams from any location — using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise on Z by HP workstations.

Learn more about NVIDIA technologies used in media and entertainment.

Featured image courtesy of The Weather Channel.