Into the Omniverse: SyncTwin Helps Democratize Industrial Digital Twins With Generative AI, OpenUSD

SyncTwin’s application enables teams to optimize industrial efficiency while enhancing sustainability across manufacturing processes.
by James McKenna

Editor’s note: This post is part of Into the Omniverse, a series focused on how technical artists, developers and enterprises can transform their workflows using the latest advances in OpenUSD and NVIDIA Omniverse.

Efficiency and sustainability are critical for organizations looking to be at the forefront of industrial innovation.

To address the digitalization needs of manufacturing and other industries, SyncTwin GmbH — a company that builds software to optimize production, intralogistics and assembly — developed a digital twin app using NVIDIA cuOpt, an accelerated optimization engine for solving complex routing problems, and NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform of application programming interfaces, software development kits and services that enable developers to build OpenUSD-based applications.

SyncTwin is harnessing the power of the extensible OpenUSD framework for describing, composing, simulating, and collaborating within 3D worlds to help its customers create physically accurate digital twins of their factories. The digital twins can be used to optimize production and enhance digital precision to meet industrial performance.

OpenUSD’s Role in Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing workflows are incredibly complex, making effective communication and integration across various domains pivotal to ensuring operational efficiency. The SyncTwin app provides seamless collaboration capabilities for factory plant managers and their teams, enabling them to optimize processes and resources.

The app uses OpenUSD and Omniverse to help make factory planning and operations easier and more accessible by integrating various manufacturing aspects into a cohesive digital twin. Customers can integrate visual data, production details, product catalogs, orders, schedules, resources and production settings from a variety of file formats all in one place with OpenUSD.

The SyncTwin app creates realistic, virtual environments that facilitate seamless interactions between different sectors of factory operations. This capability enables diverse data—including floorplans from Microsoft PowerPoint and warehouse container data from Excel spreadsheets — to be aggregated in a unified digital twin.

The flexibility of OpenUSD allows for non-destructive editing and composition of complex 3D assets and animations, further enhancing the digital twin.

“OpenUSD is the common language bringing all these different factory domains into a single digital twin,” said Michael Wagner, cofounder and chief technology officer of SyncTwin. “The framework can be instrumental in dismantling data silos and enhancing collaborative efficiency across different factory domains, such as assembly, logistics and infrastructure planning.”

Hear Wagner discuss turning PowerPoint and Excel data into digital twin scenarios using the SyncTwin App in a LinkedIn livestream on July 4 at 11 a.m. CET.

Pioneering Generative AI in Factory Planning

By integrating generative AI into its platform, SyncTwin also provides users with data-driven insights and recommendations, enhancing decision-making processes.

This AI integration automates complex analyses, accelerates operations and reduces the need for manual inputs. Learn more about how SyncTwin and other startups are combining the powers of OpenUSD and generative AI to elevate their technologies in this NVIDIA GTC session.

Hear SyncTwin and NVIDIA experts discuss how digital twins are unlocking new possibilities in this recent community livestream:

By tapping into the power of OpenUSD and NVIDIA’s AI and optimization technologies, SyncTwin is helping set new standards for factory planning and operations, improving operational efficiency and supporting the vision of sustainability and cost reduction across manufacturing.

Get Plugged Into the World of OpenUSD

Learn more about OpenUSD and meet with NVIDIA experts at SIGGRAPH, taking place July 28-Aug. 1 at the Colorado Convention Center and online. Attend these SIGGRAPH highlights:

  • NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s fireside chat on Monday, July 29, covering the latest in generative AI and accelerated computing.
  • OpenUSD Day on Tuesday, July 30, where industry luminaries and developers will showcase how to build 3D pipelines and tools using OpenUSD.
  • Hands-on OpenUSD training for all skill levels.

Check out this video series about how OpenUSD can improve 3D workflows. For more resources on OpenUSD, explore the Alliance for OpenUSD forum and visit the AOUSD website.

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Featured image courtesy of SyncTwin GmbH.