AI’s Highlight Reel: Top 5 NVIDIA Videos of 2022

by Angie Lee

If AI had a highlight reel, the NVIDIA YouTube channel might just be it.

The channel showcases the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, with demos, keynotes and other videos that help viewers see and believe the astonishing ways in which the technology is changing the world.

NVIDIA’s most popular videos of 2022 put spotlights on photorealistically animated data centers, digital twins for climate science, AI for healthcare and more.

And the latest GTC keynote address by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang racked up 19 million views in just three months, making it the channel’s most-watched video of all time.

It all demonstrates the power of AI, its growth and applications.

But don’t just take our word for it — watch NVIDIA’s top five videos of the year:

Meet NVIDIA — the Engine of AI

While watching graphics cards dance and autonomous vehicles cruise, learn more about how NVIDIA’s body of work is fueling all things AI.

NVIDIA DGX A100 — Bringing AI to Every Industry

In a dazzling clip that unpacks NVIDIA DGX A100, the universal system for AI workloads, check out the many applications for the world’s first 5 petaflops AI system.

A New Era of Digital Twins and Virtual Worlds With NVIDIA Omniverse

Watch stunning demos and hear about how the NVIDIA Omniverse platform enables real-time 3D simulation, design collaboration and the creation of virtual worlds.

Optimizing an Ultrarapid DNA Sequencing Technique for Critical Care Patients

A collaboration including NVIDIA led to a record-breaking AI technique where a whole genome was sequenced in just about seven hours.

Maximizing Wind Energy Production Using Wake Optimization

Dive into how Siemens Gamesa is using NVIDIA-powered, physics-informed, super-resolution AI models to simulate wind farms and boost energy production.